Elegance Magazine

Issue One.


Elegance Magazine: Issue One.

Welcome to Elegance Magazine’s very first issue. I have been working hard on this magazine, which is majorly a solo effort, but I am grateful of all the help I have had. For more information about the magazine, go to the about page. But here is the long-awaited issue one of Elegance Magazine.

Article: Power of the People.

Often, when an injustice happens in our society, or we see something that we don’t like happening, we just sit back and watch. We rely on others to go and fix it. Why do we act like this? Are we afraid of other people’s opinions or reactions? However, on Stardoll, this is very different.

In case you haven’t noticed, many changes have been happening lately, most of them for SuperStars. All new dolls are for SuperStars; the best clothes are for SuperStars; most new features are for SuperStars. But times are changing.

The non-SuperStar members of Stardoll (which I’m assuming is the majority) aren’t happy about this ‘SuperStar preference’ movement. And believe me, Stardoll listens.

For example, the Chat feature was once only for SuperStars. Remember how there was a big uproar at this, and almost all non-SuperStars complained? I bet you remember what happened after this: Stardoll heard the complaints and voila! The Chat feature is for everybody!

The power of the people is phenomenal. Do you think that Chat would be for everyone if non-SuperStars had just kept their opinions to themselves? Of course it wouldn’t have.

Stardoll is run by the members, not the owners. When (majority of the the time) the people want something, it usually happens.

The moral of this story is to stand up and speak out. Don’t just sit back and wait for others to take action; make a stand and show the world that you’re not happy! If you have a problem with something- fix it!

Style Files.

There are some pretty crazy trends out there, most of which are thanks to the supposed ‘fashion experts’ that make the outfits we see on catwalks in Milan and Paris. Elegance Magazine is here to help you sort out the flattering and attractive from the down-right ridiculous.

Neon TrendI am going to get many messages hating for this next comment, but I’m all about freedom of speech, and this is my opinion, so if you want to hate on me, so be it.

Personally, I hate the neon trend. It really looks stupid; it doesn’t suit anyone. I have no idea why someone would want to walk down a street dressed like a flashing neon advertisement. One of the worst combinations I’ve seen was recommended by a teen magazine- apparently, neon green/yellow full-length leggings combined with a long with shirt with large neon letters is a fabulous outfit, dahling. I just think that neon will not ever suit anybody; no models, no celebrities, no people. No-one. Zip. Zilch. No-one.

If you, like me, have a sense of style, but never know what type of clothing to look for when shopping, I recommend Dress Like A Star by Annabelle van Tongeren (Random House Australia). It helps you find outfits that suit your body shape, and not the other way around. Some of the comments made are leaning a little towards ‘fake girl alert!’ but other than that, it’s a very good buy.

This month, try and experiment a little with your fashion choices. I took the risk, and have since found a love for glamorous dresses, something I never knew was in me! Invest in a great beach dress for those in the summer side of the world, and if you’re in winter, all you’ll need is a great pair of jeans, boots and some good accessories to match.


Sometimes, it can be a little difficult trying to do well in school, stay healthy, maintain good friendships and be a real girl- especially all at the same time! Elegance Magazine is here to help you make it through the more difficult times, with advice about any topic under the sun! Ask for advice in the appropriate Starblog, or, for the more private things, add me as a friend and then message me, and I will message your reply back.


Doll Review: Jolin Tsai.

This doll was an unannounced doll on Stardoll, so it took a few days to take off. It is already quite popular, though, and has received many good comments.

The first thing you notice when the page loads is the hair setup. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that this is the first time Stardoll has used dummies to model the hair for a doll. And let me tell you, I’m loving it! The hairstyles themselves are great- a wide variety of glam and sassy hairdos to suit every outfit.

The clothes are a little more disappointing. The only pair of jeans are rather ugly, which leaves us with denim and moss-green long shorts as our only pants option. The leggings are all metallic and tight (not a good combination!), plus they are all full-length.

The dresses are much better. Ranging from the sweet Celine Dion mid-length pink and grey dresses, to the sparkly and sequinned glamour girl dressses to take any outfit anywhere!

The rest of the clothes are very limited and basic. Once you’ve glanced over the unattractive ‘balloon’ shorts and sorted through belly top after belly top, you realise that there’s no more clothes. A bit of a let-down. There should be some glam tops; not all moss-green and grey. And I’m dying for a good pair of shorts!

The shoes are not bad. With some strange socks out of the way, many of the shoes could compliment the dresses quite well.

Overall, this doll is quite… average. It has some nice dresses, but these are the only glamorous items for offer, which definitely brings down the score a lot.


Movie Review: Bee Movie.

Bee Movie; Company; Jerry Seinfield, Renee’ Zellweger

Bee Movie is a heartwarming animated flick, full of laughs and surprises.

Bee Movie starts off by introducing Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfield), who, unsurprisingly, is a bee. He lives in a hive, just like all the other bees, and is about to graduate. However, unlike the rest of his buzzing friends, Barry has higher ambitions then to contribute to the vast amount of honey already beeing (ha, ha) made daily by the other bees. Barry wants to leave the hive!

Eventually, he gets his wish, and leaves the hive for a day, where he meets a human, Vanessa (Renee’ Zellweger). Vanessa saves Barry’s life, and so the pair become immediate friends. Barry soon begins to visit Vanessa daily, and they share many happy moments. But one day, Barry spots something that makes his good view of humans diminish. Barry, when travelling to a supermarket with Vanessa spots honey that the bees have spent ages producing being sold by humans. He investigates, and finds that bees are being kept in cruel conditions to produce honey to sell.

Barry launches a court-case against the human race; the results of which you will have to see the movie for!

I thought that Bee Movie was a funny comedy. Barry’s story of his determination to secure bee’s rights was very inspiring, and the movie was done very well. The animation and graphics were very good, and the overall storyline kept me guessing throughout the whole movie. Barry’s story of discovering himself and the wider world out there was turned into a great family comedy.




Elegance Girl of the Month.

Each month, I will choose one girl from the entrants to be featured on the cover and inside Elegance Magazine as ‘Elegance Girl of the Month’. An Elegance Girl displays many ‘real girl’ qualities. She is not afraid to be herself, speak out and let her opinions be heard. She is sophisticated and classy. If you think this sounds like you, please go to the ‘Be In Elegance Magazine’ page (link above).


Elegance Magazine Around the World.

Each issue, I am going to interview a person from a different country about their country’s culture, language, people etc. I feel that we all can learn a bit more than we do in Geography, and this is probably a more interesting way to read about it!

GLiTTER.SNiFFER. is this month’s Elegance Around the World girl. She comes from the Ukraine, a country located in Eastern Europe.

In the Ukraine, the main language spoken by the approximately 46,490,400 strong population is Ukrainian.

According to GLiTTER.SNiFFER., a major landmark is a rock-cut church (or the remains of it anyway!) in the village of Busha, which is in the land of Vinnychyna.

Ukrainians celebrate their Independence day on 24th August. They also celebrate Labor day, Orthodox Easter and Holy Trinity Day, also known as Svyata Troyitsya, or Green Sunday.

Did you know that the population has decreased by over two million people because of the markey oriented economy?

Foods enjoyed in Ukraine include Varenyky, Kyshka, Kyiv and Borshch.

Celebrity of the Month: Mandy Moore.

Mandy MooreThank God. There are actually some real girl celebrities out there, contrary to popular belief. It’s just sad that they’re in the minority. So, I thought that I would draw attention to the celebrities who are good role models, who, unfortunately, are often praised much less than many other fake celebrities.

This month, I chose Mandy Moore to be our Celebrity of the Month. She displays most, if not all, of the qualities an Elegance Girl should display, she respects herself and is known as sweet, polite and generous.

Mandy Moore, a singer/actress is relatively well-known, even though none of her movies or albums have received great reviews. Though her movies are unsuccessful, Mandy herself gets great comments about her performance, some saying ‘she nearly makes the movie worth seeing’ ! Other then that, she is said to ‘have great screen presence’ and ‘an undeniable natural charm’.

But Mandy’s music and film work isn’t the reason I chose her for Celebrity of the Month. Mandy is a great rolemodel to all of us, setting a good example of individuality and self respect.

Mandy has described herself as an optimistic person, and her warming smile at all public events shows this.

After appearing on a cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, next to racy and graphic headlines, she spoke out against them and expressed her dislike of them.

Mandy even rejected a recording contract because she felt, instead of following the mainstream, she wanted to have ‘complete control and freedom’ over her work.

Mandy is a great celebrity to look up to. Instead of following the likes of Britney and Christina, changing their image and their music to suit the media and dancing provocatively around men in their music videos, she has become her own person, speaking out against stuff that she doesn’t like, as a true Elegance Girl would.


This month’s poll question is:

What do you think is the most important quality a good friend should have?

a) Honesty

b) Thougtfulness

c) Optimism

To vote, post your answer (a,b or c) in either a friend request to me or in my guestbook. Poll results can be viewed on the appropriate page when the next issue comes out.

Thanks for Reading.

Thankyou, humble reader, for reading this month’s issue of Elegance Magazine! I appreciate all comments and critiscm, so do not hesitate to give your feedback in the comment section or in my Stardoll account’s guestbook. If you would like to be in Elegance Magazine, whether it be for Elegance Girl of the Month or anything else, click the link at the top of the page. I can be contacted through the Stardoll account elegance-mag, or via comments on here. I am always looking for staff members. If you think that you might be able to help on Elegance Magazine, please click the Staff Members link at the top of the page. Again, thankyou for reading. I hope you got something out of this issue, and ddn’t just read it like you would a normal magazine. Hopefully I got my message across.

Stay real. Kara xx


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